Here’s what people are saying about us …

Jen & Brian Scanlon and Hey Jack-sq“Periwinkle Farm feels like a little piece of horse heaven.  I knew from my very first visit that it would be a great place for both Jack and me!  The people are very nice and laid back and Beaver is the best.  He takes excellent care of the horses.  You can’t go wrong at Periwinkle Farm!” ~ Jen Scanlon


Amber Fies-sq“When I was in the process of relocating from out of state to the DC area, I looked at quite a few farms in the area. As soon as I stepped foot in the barn at Periwinkle I knew it was the place I wanted to be! Everyone (both people and horses) were all very happy and welcoming. Excellent care, a supportive atmosphere, and great management.” ~ Amber Fies, Owner/Trainer Elite Power Stables, LLC


Marie Nichols-sq“I first moved my mare, Ramona, to Periwinkle back in 1990.  I left for a few years to try a larger facility, but after retiring Ramona due to DJD, I decided that my new horse, Michelangelo (aka Mikey), would be happier at Periwinkle.  Mikey possessed a rather difficult personality, but the staff at Periwinkle had no problem dealing with him and, in fact, found him rather amusing.  I did, however, at one point during those 14 years, move him to a new facility to be with my friends.  Mikey and I were miserable.  After only three months, I brought him back to his “home.” After 14 years happily ensconced at Periwinkle, I unexpectedly lost my beloved boy last summer.  I now have a new youngster, Cadence (aka Doodle), under the watchful eye of the Periwinkle staff.” ~ Marie Nichols


“My horse has always had the best and most loving care at Periwinkle Farm. I have had a horse at Periwinkle Farm for a total of 14 years and have always been very happy with the care provided.” ~ Candy


Kassie-reading paper-sq“Deluxe care for happy horses at affordable prices.  Thanks to LuAnne and all who work so hard to satisfy a picky client (not least, the horses).  I only wish it could have moved with me to Pennsylvania.” ~ Kassie Lynch

Bill-sq“When I arrived at your farm, I was immediately struck by how well everything is maintained. The barns are very clean, and I could tell that your boarders really appreciate the atmosphere that a well laid out, and well managed barn creates. Seeing the way you take pride in your property, makes people want to do an especially good job, and take pride in the work they do for you.” ~ William (Bill) Gibson, President, Bill’s Metal Design + Fabrication


“I don’t know what I would do without Periwinkle Farm in my life.  From the caring, knowledgeable staff to the friendly boarders — I’ve come to see it as a home away from home.” ~ Jessie Despard


Barbara Kirchner2-sq“I have been associated with LuAnne  since February 1969  when we boarded our horses at the same barn in Rockville, MD.  I have attended many clinics at Periwinkle Farm over the years and continue to have a great friendship and working relationship with LuAnne.  I have been a Maryland licensed judge since the mid-1970s and I am also an Approved Welsh judge.  I owe so much of my knowledge of horses to LuAnne and certainly plan on continuing our association for many years to come.” ~ Barbara Kirchner (Magrogan), BJK Photos


“The best farms create a predictable environment for horses and their owners; at Periwinkle Farm, Peyton, Annabelle and I are never disappointed.” ~ John


Lisa P & Farouche-sq“I have boarded at Periwinkle going on 15 years. The care has always been first rate, from my mature to my elderly horse and now for my young horse, the attention to detail and personalized care is second to none. The farm is “close in” enough that I can go every day or even multiple times when my horse has been settling in. The owner, staff and boarders are really family.” ~ Lisa Paplauckas